Logging SOTA Contacts - Including S2S

Etienne Scott, K7ATN

Logging SOTA contacts can be a bit tedious, especially Summit-to-Summit. It can be done manually, or better, by uploading a simple log file. S2S contacts are entered as both Activator and Chaser contacts. It's easy to do with a CSV file that looks like this (from Excel) or you can use a text editor and put commas after each field:

     V2   WA7JNJ   W7W/SN-105    27/8/2020  19:02  144MHz   FM   KI7EMX   W7O/NC-015
     V2   WA7JNJ                             27/8/2020  19:02  144MHz   FM   KI7EMX   W7O/NC-015
     V2   WA7JNJ   W7W/SN-105    27/8/2020  19:02  144MHz   FM   KI7EMX

The V2 indicates the file format for the parser, then your call, your summit, date (in Euro format DD/MM/YYYY - for Excel I use a single quote '27/8/2020), time in UTC, band, mode, station worked, and then their summit (if they are on one). If you or the person you are working is not on a summit, leave the respective field blank (both summit fields can't be blank).

So Line 1 above is S2S. Line 2 is a chase. And Line 3 is an activator contact.  Of course, you should log every contact you make.

Use  https://www.sotadata.org.uk/en/. Log in and use the menu "Submit Logs" >> Upload CSV. You should have Activator points, Chaser points, and S2S points. AND as a fun bonus -- the S2S contacts Roll of Honour shows distance in km.