Contributing Trip Reports Using PNWSOTA

Etienne Scott, K7ATN

Here are some blogging guidelines using that can help the next activator be successful. 
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"How do you get to the trailhead?" and "Will my Prius make it?", "What's the trail like?", and "Miles round trip and vertical gain?" --- these are the kinds of questions that newbies or visiting activators have about SOTA summits. Here's some guidelines that will help you write trip reports for the next activator. You can also look at other trip reports and emulate one that you like. This is a nice  contribution by Troy-KF7SEY:

"Blogs" on are summit trip reports - or something you know about a particular summit, like that it's posted "No Trespassing." A title with a clear summit name and state is a useful way to start, as is the month and year of activation. There are many summits throughout the Pacific Northwest with the same name, so adding the state can help ease confusion, the month indicates the season, and the year would tell folks if this is recent information or something that may not be current. A descriptive trip report title might be, "Larch Mtn, WA | October 2021."

The content of a trip report should help others activate the peak. Directions to the trailhead, condition of the road, necessary permits are a great start. Then information about the trail distance and elevation gain, any issues with following the path, and what one will find in the activation zone for antennas, views, RFI, cell service for spotting, etc. You can always look at previous reports to see what they missed - a turn, a sign, or a photo that would help the next person. If you provide coordinates, the regional standard is decimal degrees as SOTA Atlas uses

You’ll want to link your report with SOTA summit info. Copy the URL of your trip report blog to the clipboard, then click on the summit reference in your blog – it will take you to the SOTA summit page. You’ll need to be logged into, click on External Link and then you can paste the URL for your trip report. This is also linked to so anyone in the world can learn from your experience and chasers can see where you've been.