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This is the online community for the Portland Amateur Radio Club in Portland, OR. The top-level email list, called parc-announcements, is used to send information to all of our members. You can also subscribe and post to sub-group lists like ragchew and for-sale-by-members. If you would like to start a new special interest discussion list and are willing to serve as a moderator, please send email to info@W7LT.org

If you do not wish to receive announcements or other email from W7LT@groups.io, send an email to W7LT+unsubscribe@groups.io 
to be dropped from the list at almost the speed of light.

To minimize spam and maximize member enjoyment, we follow these good operating practices:

  • Do not flame, insult, or troll other members.
  • Limit topics to the realm of amateur radio, avoiding the usual suspects of politics, religion, and sex.
  • Sign your post with your first name and call sign, or your first and last name, if you don't have a call sign.
  • Posts about amateur radio and computer gear that you are personally selling are restricted to for-sale-by-members.
  • No commercial advertising of any sort is permitted on any list.
Members that don't follow these rules will be moderated. Serial offenders and spammers will be banned after being warned.

For more information about PARC, visit www.W7LT.org.  For help on groups.io, try https://groups.io/static/help. Remember... this community is member driven and will only be as interesting and useful as we collectively make it!

-- Thanks and 73 de PARC list mods

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